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technical requirements

Some WhyWood charging stations are equipped with Qi Wireless charger. As a result, compatible smartphones can be charged by simply placing them on the charging station. A current list of compatible smartphones can be found here.

wireless charging

  1. Connect the docking station or power adapter to a power source.

  2. Place the docking station on a level surface

  3. Place the smartphone in the middle of the WhyWood logo. The display must point upwards.

  4. The smartphone should start charging after a few seconds.

more informations

  • The wireless charging uses magnetic induction. The smartphone and the charger must be in direct contact. Magnetic mounts or other objects between the smartphone and the charger may degrade performance or possibly damage magnetic stripes or RFID chips found on some credit cards, security cards, passports, and key fobs. If sensitive items of this type are in your case, remove them from the store or make sure they are not between the charger and the back of the smartphone.

  • If the smartphone is not or only slowly charged and it is equipped with a very thick shell, a metal shell or a battery case, remove them.

  • For example, if the smartphone vibrates due to a notification, the smartphone may move. This may interrupt the flow of current from the charging mat to the smartphone. If this happens often, you should disable the vibration or use a sleeve to prevent it from moving.

  • There may be soft sounds while the smartphone is charging.

  • The smartphone may become slightly warmer during the store. If the battery gets too warm, the software stops charging if the smartphone has more than 80% charge to extend battery life. The smartphone will be recharged as soon as the temperature has dropped. Try to bring your smartphone and charger to a cooler location.

  • The smartphone does not use the wireless charging function when it is connected via USB. If the smartphone is connected via USB to a computer or a power adapter, it will be charged via USB.

Smartphone does not charge (possible causes)

  • Disconnect the docking station from the power source and reconnect after a few seconds.

  • The smartphone should be placed as centrally as possible on the WhyWood logo.

  • If the smartphone gets charged with a cover, it must not be made of metal.

If your smartphone still does not charge, then contact