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What exactly is MagSafe for iPhone?


MagSafe is a feature for Apple's iPhone that was introduced with the iPhone 12 series. It uses magnets built into the back of the iPhone to connect and hold magnetic accessories securely in place, such as wireless chargers, cases, and wallets.

The name "MagSafe" is a nod to the magnetic charging connector that was previously used on Apple's MacBook laptops, which disconnected easily if the cord was accidentally pulled, preventing damage to the laptop and potentially preventing injury.

With MagSafe for iPhone, the magnets align the accessory with the charging coil inside the iPhone to ensure proper charging, and the magnets can also be used to hold other MagSafe accessories, like cases or wallets, securely in place.

MagSafe for iPhone supports up to 15W of wireless charging power, which is faster than the previous iPhone models that supported wireless charging. It also allows for new types of accessories, like MagSafe cases that can be easily attached and detached from the iPhone, and MagSafe wallets that can hold credit cards and attach magnetically to the back of the iPhone.