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MagSafe technology

Our wireless charging power bank uses the MagSafe feature without blocking the iPhone's camera, so you can keep using your iPhone while it's charging.



The 8,000mAh battery will fully charge your iPhone at least once, with the iPhone 12 we were able to achieve over 150% extra battery life.*

charge indicator

To start charging, press the power button. When not in use, the power bank switches itself off after a few seconds.

Four LED lights show you the remaining Powerbank capacity.

Powerbank-MagSafe-Ladeanzeige-evening prima.JPG
DSC_1270 Kopie.JPG

Also via cable

Our MagSafe Powerbank is equipped with a smart USB-C port, where your power bank gets charged or other devices can be charged (even faster).

3 variants

  • Solid Walnut

  • Evening Prima* & Walnut

  • Marble* & Walnut

*Solid surface


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